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Engineer, RF Software Development



地 址:北京市 朝阳区望京东路1号摩托罗拉大厦C座
公司规模: 50-100人 公司性质:
公司行业: IT行业、计算机、互联网、通讯、电子、电子商务、仪器仪、微电子技术表等
招聘人数: 5人 提供月薪: 面议
工作性质: 全职 学历要求: 本科及以上
工作年限: 不限 年龄要求: 40 岁 ~ 40 岁
职位类别: 通信设计与开发类
工作地点: 杭州市
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    职位标签: Software C++ 职位职能: 高级软件工程师 通信技术工程师 职位描述: Main Responsibility Area: Overall responsibility of specified entities (e.g. features). Plans, designs and executes items in own area. Contributes to specification reviews. Works according to given tasks. Participates in work amounts estimation in own area. Consults, supports and guides own team s external interfaces. Is responsible for sharing knowledge in his/her expertise area. Gives input to process development. Performs problem isolation and resolution. Applies knowledge and experience to determine root cause. Job Description: RF Software Development Engineer is responsible for: - requirement analysis, software design and implementation of industrial grade software on embedded real-time platform - specifications/documentation preparation for relevant parts of the software - cooperation with RF Software Integration Engineers regarding integration and verification on target system Additional Requirements: Essential requirements: - advance level of C/C++ software programming, analyzing and designing - SW redesign and refactoring skills - multithreading and multiprocessing programming (mutex, pthread, IPC, parallel computing). - embedded programming (HW resources constraints: limited memory, CPU) - Low level Real-time performance enhancing - experience in algorithm optimization, code profiling and memory leak tracking - software architecture basis (UML) - good practical knowledge of STL (containers, algorithms) - Design Patterns (thread-safe oriented) - experience with SW and HW debugging tools (gdb, JTAG, lauterbach) - strong analytical skills - effective teamwork skills Desired requirements: - fluent English, both spoken and written - BSc or MSc degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar, - Agile methodology practices knowledge is beneficial (TDD, XP, CI) - big SW projects (LOC > 100k) programming experiences - Real-time operating systems experiences - Google Unit Test framework (googletest, googlemock) - Boost C++ libraries - proactive attitude - innovative approach to software development Following skills will be an asset: - basic knowledge in FPGA / ASIC design - knowledge in RF signal processing - knowledge in radio power amplifier control and dimensioning - HAM radio operators / radio technology enthusiasts

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公司地址:地 址:北京市 朝阳区望京东路1号摩托罗拉大厦C座

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